Our vision is to innovate the future of America's workforce by creating widely recognized vocational career systems, based on the successful German Dual Vocational Training Model and to provide businesses with a new generation of highly skilled workers.

About Us

Our mission is to strengthen American businesses and empower a skilled workforce by creating systems that connect employers, educational providers and apprentices with innovative and ambitious career training programs. The pilot program will create and expand an innovative and scalable apprenticeship model that addresses employer demand and prepares workers for "middle skills" jobs. Training will include classroom instruction, paid on-the-job training and rigorous exams that measure skill and competency.

Initiated a pilot apprenticeship-training program with Los Angeles Trade Technical College (LATTC) Advanced Transportation Training Institute, funded by the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany and by the Federal Transit Authority’s Innovative Public Transportation Workforce Development Grant. After the implementation of the first training program of mechatronic service technicians, DIAG USA extended training programs for the IT sector.

Partnered with United States Department of Labor funded program, OpenTech (implemented by Managed Career Solutions), an initiative that fuels technology firms with qualified employees. OpenTech coordinates between employers, the State of California College Chancellor’s Office, community colleges and other education resources to promote strong candidates into professional apprenticeships. OpenTech serves high technology companies in the region that lead the world in job creation with new software and hardware possibilities.

Partnered with State of California funded program, Advanced Manufacturing and Transportation Apprenticeships for California (AMTAC) Initiative that creates innovative and scalable registered apprenticeship programs to address current and future employer demands and prepares Californians for ‘middle level skills’ job requirements.

Participates with the California Apprenticeship Council (CAC) that provides policy advice on apprenticeship matters and issues rules and regulations on specific apprenticeship subjects to be published in the California Code of Regulations. A modified form of the German Dual Vocational Training Model has been adopted:


Create curriculum and testing requirements that insure mastery in three key areas:

  • Job Knowledge
  • Demonstrated Workplace Competency
  • Job Skills

Create Testing Organization that includes representatives from:

  • Employers
  • Community Colleges
  • Consumer Representatives

Skills Initiative

The German American Vocational Career Program is a project of the Skills Initiative.

German companies have identified job skills as a key challenge to their success here in the US. The German Embassy thus started its "Skills Initiative" to identify and share information about best practices for sustainable workforce development, in cooperation with German companies investing in the US.

German companies are well placed to undertake this effort because they are familiar with Germany’s first first-class vocational education and training system. It is called the dual system of vocational training and is a major reason for Germany’s economic success. It provides sound qualifications through its unique combination of theory and practice, learning and working, thereby offering a highly attractive and and recognized training and career path after high school – as an alternative and at the same time complementary option to college and university education.

For more information, please go to:

The German Embassy's Skills Initiative

The German Dual System: Facts and Figures

  • Approximately 350 nationwide recognized training occupations (270 in the fields of industry, trade, and services)
  • Around 1.5 million trainees (40% female)
  • Approximately 469,000 companies provide training (about 22.5%)
  • Exams are generally required and supervised by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce
  • The dual system is business-driven and demand-oriented

  • Occupations and training are continuously updated in response to technical advances and changing business practices
  • Financial burden-sharing: Private companies bear about 75% of the costs, while the Federal Employment Agency and the German federal states cover 15% and 10%, respectively.
  • Gross costs of a trainee per year: $19,850 (based on German labor costs)

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"When the United States and Germany work together, both nations' economies grow; our businesses thrive; and our families prosper."

U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzk

"By creating an ecosystem of statewide champions and regional leaders, this initiative will foster an environment favorable to broad participation among employers and other stakeholders. Transportation sectors will flourish, fueled by a highly skilled workforce and its ability to agilely adopt advanced technologies."

Dr. Stephan Hollman, Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany, San Diego

"Our mission is to provide workforce solutions to address the immediate and projected transportation with workforce needs while pursuing equity in workforce participation."

Jess Guerra, Director LATTC Transportation Institute


By linking apprenticeships in industry with custom training programs we enable transformations in the lives of young people. DIAG USA coordinates between employers, training programs, community colleges and career counselors.

Automotive Training

The pilot program will focus on mechatronic service technicians in the automotive sector. As automobiles evolve quickly to become "computers on wheels", the program provides an effective means of filling this new technology skills gap; by preparing a next generation of service technicians with the competencies that will move them from entry-level through mastery, and fuel the growth of the sector.

Information Technology Training

The second program of the Skills Initiative is an initiative - in collaboration with Open TECH LA – which fuels growing technology firms with qualified employees. America is home to the top firms in the technology field. Companies like Google, Apple and Facebook lead the world in job creation from new software to hardware possibilities. The initiative is a localized approach to skills training and apprenticeships. Areas of training include software development, online technologies, project management and more.


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