The German American Vocational Career Program is a project of the Skills Initiative

  • Our vison is to innovate the future of America's workforce by creating widely recognized vocational career systems, based on the successful German dual vocational training model, to provide businesses with a new generation of highly skilled workers.

  • Our mission is to strenghten American businesses and empower a skilled workforce by creating systems that connect employers, educational providers and apprentices with innovative and ambitious career training programs.

    The pilot program will create and expand an innovative and scalable apprenticeship model that addresses employer demand and prepares workers for "middle skills" jobs. Training will include classroom instruction, paid on-the-jo training and rigorous exams that measure skill and competency.

    Benefts will include

  • Training and hiring needs of the automotive service sector are met by an adaptive apprenticeship model that develops employees' competencies and credentials over time while improving retention and company loyalty.
  • Apprentices gain opportunities to "earn and learn", building skills and advancing in their careers while contributing meaningfully to the growth of industries central to the US economy.
  • Training resources and systems foster a vibrant growth economy, robust employment, and a climate of productivity and innovation.
  • Establish training curriculum modules that support the German Automotive (DNS) Standards.
  • Create national testing standards and a national standards organization that certifies competent German Auto mechanics based on skill levels and competence on-the-job.